my momma

There are many people in our culture who would say they love their mom.  There are slightly less people that would say their mom is a real inspiration.  There are fewer people still that would say their mom is cool and progressive.  There is only a small number of people who would confidently say their mom is a […]

Desert Solitare

If you know me at all, you know I can be pretty impulsive.  I tend to just go for it and hope it works out in the end.  Mostly, it works great for me.  Sometimes I have to drop back and punt.  That’s just life. I have been in the Durango area for a few […]


Sometimes you feel like you have bad luck, sometimes you feel like you have good luck.  Sometimes you get really freakin lucky.  Today was one of those days for me. I overnighted in Gunnison, CO last night after doing some backcountry skiing on Monarch pass.  I’ve been out in the boondocks attempting some 14ers, but […]


I am currently recovering from the worst sunburn of my existence.  The downtime has provided for some planning for my upcoming adventures.  The rest of 2011 should be awfully fun. The remainder of April I hope to climb this mountain: and possibly this mountain: and hopefully paddle this river: May yields some interesting prospects, especially […]