Shenandoah 100 Race Recap 2012

Well, I done did it.  If you are looking for race advice just scroll to the bottom of this post. I off-the-couch jumped on the race and finished in 10 hours and 58 minutes.  That got me 175th place overall and 128th place in Men’s Open.  If I weighed 10 more pounds I would have […]

December 2011

Well, a blog entry a month is better than no blog at all.  This is day 17 of a 23 work-day streak.  It may extend beyond 23, I don’t know yet.  Life is great, but these are busy times.  When you work in the winter holiday vacation destination, you work over the holidays.  Colorado is […]

Frankenstein the Dead Blog

Hello. How are you?  I am well.   Sometimes, in life, you get lazy and don’t update your blog.  This is very disappointing to your friends and family, especially if you make it a habit to ignore your phone and you travel frequently.   Since I have been a phone-ignoring, facebook-scoffing traveler, it’s high time to get my […]