December 2011

Well, a blog entry a month is better than no blog at all.  This is day 17 of a 23 work-day streak.  It may extend beyond 23, I don’t know yet.  Life is great, but these are busy times.  When you work in the winter holiday vacation destination, you work over the holidays.  Colorado is having a rather slim snow year so far, so the desire to get out into the backcountry has been easy to get over.  I am disappointed at my slow loss of peak fitness that I acquired over the summer, but I am waiting patiently for some grueling days in late winter and spring earning my turns and attempting summits.

Most of my days are taken up by my internship, which is at a natural education non-profit based in Avon.  My job is lots of fun and I learn every day I go to work.  Most of what I do is staff a nature center, lead snowshoe hikes, give community programs, and represent the forest service through a couple avenues.  The position lasts until April 15th, so I’ve got some time yet to spend with the organization.

The internship, as much fun as it is, generates only a small stipend so I’ve been working at a couple of restaurants on the mountain at Beaver Creek on my days off.  I make as much in a night there as I do all week at my day job so it’s helping to balance my finances.  An exciting new prospect for me is my summer employment, which is strongly pointing to a wilderness ranger position in this area of Colorado.  Bring on the big boy job.

That’s what I’ve been up to!  I’ll be sure to post some skiing pictures once we do some skiing worth photographing.


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