Frankenstein the Dead Blog

Hello. How are you?  I am well.


Sometimes, in life, you get lazy and don’t update your blog.  This is very disappointing to your friends and family, especially if you make it a habit to ignore your phone and you travel frequently.


Since I have been a phone-ignoring, facebook-scoffing traveler, it’s high time to get my life back on the internets so I can develop as a writer and keep you important people in the know.


Well, here’s the last bit of my life in a nutshell:

  • Winter (2010-2011) I lived and worked in Avon, CO 
  • Spring (2011) I traveled a bit in my sweet van and did some mountaineering in CO
  • Summer- TRANSAMERICA- 4,400 mile bike tour across ‘merica
    <read about my sweet trip here
  • Fall- I lived at Aunt Glenda’s Home for Jobless Boys
  • Winter (2011-2012) I’m back in Avon, CO


For clarification: Aunt Glenda’s Home for Jobless Boys is actually my little sister’s apartment in Knoxville, TN.  She is a student at the U of TN there and I used her place as a base camp for southeastern outdoor adventures.  I gave her apartment that nickname because at any given point there were 2-4 jobless boys residing there.  Good times.

This winter, I am working an internship for Walking Mountains Science Center.  My official title is “winter naturalist”.  If “naturalist” is the the job title, it’s gotta be a good sign.  The internship hasn’t started yet, but when it does I’ll be teaching little kiddies about nature and skiing in the smoky the bear costume.  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Since my housing is provided through the internship, I am living in my sweet van until my house opens up.  I lived like a king on wheels all last winter, so a couple of weeks in the early season is child’s play.  If it’s not below about 25 degrees (F) outside I don’t turn my heater on.  When you’ve seen negative double digits living in a van, your cold tolerance undergoes some redefinition.  It’s not all sunshine and daydreams though; I’ve already had to replace the fuel pump, blown out a tire, and was kindly asked by the police to relocate or be towed (baby jesus was not happy about me camping in a church parking lot).

If you think of me in the next couple weeks, you can be pretty safe to assume that at that very moment, I’m out on my skis doing some backcountry skiing.  I’ve skied every day I’ve been out here so far and I still don’t have a lift pass.  The glory of snow travel gear.  If I can every get my ski boots to stop feeling like I’m using my feet to chock a fire truck on a hill, I’ll be getting in some pretty big days in the Rockies this winter.

I pretty much invite every friend I talk to out to CO to some skiing this winter.  That offer still stands.  Between my brother and I, we can deck you out in some sweet snow gear and show you what skiing is all about.  Since I’ll be living in a building (wahoo) my “guest room” aka my van is open to visitors.  Take me up on it, I dare you.

Till next time!  I’m hoping to keep a weekly or bi-weekly blog going this winter so check back in!


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