Sometimes you feel like you have bad luck, sometimes you feel like you have good luck.  Sometimes you get really freakin lucky.  Today was one of those days for me.

I overnighted in Gunnison, CO last night after doing some backcountry skiing on Monarch pass.  I’ve been out in the boondocks attempting some 14ers, but today was a travel day.  My ski partners have all gone back to Avon so I journeyed alone to southwest Colorado.

I drove about 6 hours today through the very sparsely populated lower left quadrant of CO, passing through about 3 towns of any real size.  I stopped a few times to cook lunch, get gas, etc.  Every time that I restarted the van after stopping, she fired right off like the van has every time I’ve tried to start her.

Keep in mind I crossed several mountain passes in a vigorous springtime snowstorm.  Here is a picture of the road I drove (in slightly worse conditions than I found it).

red mountain pass in snow

The picture is to show where I could have broken down.  The middle of nowhere. In an avalanche path.  In a snowstorm.  Instead of a shoulder, you have a 55 degree slope of death into a river of ice. The closest mechanic is 85 miles away.

Today, I am lucky because Aunt B (my van) chose to break down in Durango.  I was coming into town, picked up a hitchhiker, took her into downtown, then drove to an outdoor store for to get my boots worked on.  I came outside and the van wouldn’t crank. 😦  The good news is I am fairly certain what the problem is and it shouldn’t be too bad of a fix.

Since I am currently parked about 50 yards from the Animas river, I am now living in a broken down van, down by the river.

New name for the van after this weekend:

“Base Camp”

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